About Us

Hi Pressure Inc. is a mobile fleet truck washing and industrial cleaning company founded in 1992. office_staff Its founders Daryl and Merlinda Payne started washing store fronts and small fleets on the weekends, while attending college and working full-time jobs.  They noticed that the industry was lacking a commitment to professionalism, consistent quality and customer service. They focused on those areas and have been growing ever since.

HPI currently employs over 30 men and women that are dedicated to customer service, safety, maintenance, quality control, operations and administration.

HPI follows EPA and all local regulations when washing your fleet On-Site, In-Position/As Parked.  We are qualified and permitted.  During the course of each service all water is collected and pumped to an appropriate discharge point. Many of our collection methods are proprietary and are therefore not disclosed here on this web site. However, you will be given a written description of exactly the method that will be used on your fleet.

Our crew leaders are trained on the importance of Waste Water Recovery.  We try to keep the same crews on the same customer sites to maximize the crew’s familiarity with the unique needs of each customer site. Field supervisors inspect work regularly and any deficiencies noted are corrected immediately and reported to management.

HPI uses surface safe detergents and soft bristle brushes and good old-fashioned elbow grease to clean your fleet.  You can expect us to remove all fingerprints, exhaust residue, and road film from all visible surfaces including the chassis, bumpers, fuel tanks, rims, landing gear, windows, and mirrors. And we clean up after ourselves.